Leden 2010

TWiiNS - v music club Óčko

18. ledna 2010 v 19:21 | dadushka |  videogaléria
TWiiNS (I don´t know) v music club Óčko Praha, ako predkapela Bad Boys Blue.

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13. Ego

4. ledna 2010 v 17:51 | dadushka |  texty piesní
Don´t wanna get to know me no-o
Just one of your nights
When you´re gonna show the world ho-ow
You take what you like
I-I can see through your lies
I-I crush similiar guys
The Hugo Boss shirt is way too tight
Even tighter than mine
The saddest thing you´re almost thir-ty five
You wanna buy my body no-o-ow
But I´m not for sale
It´s so much fun
To tease and watch you fail

These feet won´t be walking through your door
You are just wasting your time
This skirt won´t be lying on your floor
Your ego´s flying too high
My bra won´t be hanging on your wall
No trophies for you tonight
But you could be doing so much more
Than chasing airy delight

All I hear is: me, myself and I
Who do you think you are?
The braggin´ only brings you down, down, down
No money in the world could help you out
Take your drinks and be gone
Wake up get real
Or end up all alone

12. Miss you

4. ledna 2010 v 17:50 | dadushka |  texty piesní
It´s so long ago now that you used to care
Walked out and left me and I don´t know where
So many times I must have read the last line
In the lettej you left instead of saying goodbye

But still I miss you so much
Can´t stop the memory of your touch

You know I miss you night and day
I don´t know what else I can say
You know I miss you day and night
That´s right
You know I miss you night and day
Is this a game you like to play
You know I miss you day and night
That´s right

It seems like so much time has gone by
How did I hurt I wish I know why
Questions keep circling around in my head
Who are you with now who´s in your bed

11. Mind games

4. ledna 2010 v 17:50 | dadushka |  texty piesní
I´m waiting I´m listening
Standing at full attention
My patience is thinning
Think you forgot to mention who
Whachya think I´m dumb
I didn´t know thah you´re creeping
I´ve seenher with you and
I´m just about to bolw a fuse

You got nerve try to play with my mind
See the writing on the wall
Like you drew me a sign
Act so cool like everything´s fine
But I know, but I know, know
But I know that´s just a lie

Don´t tell me that I´m wrong
I say you two alone
In my mind see those games that you´re playing
Don´t say that now she´s gone
I caught you on the phone
Stop right now wichya mind games babe

You´re flirting with her and
Thet shhh just so shady
I´m burning I´m hurting
I can´t believe I was naive
I bought your lies with a bow and I tie boy
I´m leaving I´m trough it
I´m just about just to blow the roof

10. Please

4. ledna 2010 v 17:49 | dadushka |  texty piesní
Please baby no don´t leave me now
I need you in my life
We can work it out somehow
Please baby no I don´t wanna let you go
I can´t imagine loosing you
So please baby no

My days are always filled with sadness
I don´t know what is going on
I´m so confused let´s talk about this
I don´t care who is right or wrong
I know you wanna take your love away
Leave this relationship behind
You told me that I was the one for you
So why the sudden change of mind
You say loving me ain´t the same
You say kissing me ain´t the same
You say you and I lost the flame
Just once more baby please say my name

I ask myself almost everyday
Why you´ve been with me all along
Baby don´t let this love slip away
Right here with me is where you belong
What can I do to make you love me again
I´ll do whatever you need
Remember me is your perfect ten
Baby don´t leave you make my heart bleed

Tell me, tell me why did you brake my heart
Tore my world apart
You gotta something I need to know
Tell me, tell me why did you let me go
When you promised me your heart and soul

9. With you

4. ledna 2010 v 17:49 | dadushka |  texty piesní
So many plans and years of hope
Gone with the game he played with both
It´s hard to believe in love that lasts
Can´t forget about the past
To heal my heart I just went wild
Punishing every guy who lied
I thought I´d always stay that strong
But then you came along
Cannot fight it anymore

They ask me how I found a way
To wanna face it all again
With you, with you
To believe in words that sound the same
Promising love without the pain
With you, with you

So sweet and giving from the start
Showed me what love is all about
No matter what he´s by my side
Still kissing me goodnight
Even after all this time

Better than ever
Not afraid to give and take
You´re to one I love the most
And what´s mine is yours
My chance for a fiary tale

8. I wonder

4. ledna 2010 v 17:48 | dadushka |  texty piesní
You know you take me higher almost everyday
You know I love you endlessly there in no other way
I can´t imagine no one taking you place
I can´t image looking into somebody else´s face
I know nothing last for good in this lonely world
Like a snow love melts away but even then I´ll be your girl
I know you now by heart you are breathing inside my heart
I hope that trails of this life would never brake us apart

I wonder if we´re still together many years from now
I wonder if you gonna love me the way you do right now
I wonder if I´m still your woman after all these years
Are we gonna be in love that I wonder

So easy to be happy when life is going well
You only shows your true colors when life gets to be hell
No matter what we´ll go through just wanna see us make it through
Never let nothing get to us cuz I´m in love with you
I wanna know if we´ll survive what others can´t make through
I wanna know if we stay strong
Through hard times with me and you
I wanna know if we won´t change and still remain the same
I hope we´re gonna stay loyal there is no one ever to blame

Don´t let anything come in the way between us
Don´t let anyone come in the way between us
Only time will tell how we end up in this life
I wonder if we´re still together

7. I don´t know

4. ledna 2010 v 17:48 | dadushka |  texty piesní
Friday night I go out walking
To the corner there you are talking
Head over heels I'm hypnotized
In the club when you're dancing near me
In my head it comes to me clearly
I won't be fine until you're mine

I don't know why I feel like I do
I don't know why standing next to you
Feels like I can see the sky (in your eyes)
I don't know why when you just walk by
My knees get weak when I catch your smile
I'm into you boy and I don't know why
I don't know why

I could fool myself into pretending
That I don't care for a happy ending
Erase your face, start jumping for joy
I'll find a way to always be
Face to face holding on tenderly
Head over heels I'm into you, boy

6. Let love

4. ledna 2010 v 17:47 | dadushka |  texty piesní
Embracing the sunlight
When you loose your way
You need a whole lotta trust when
You feel afraid
Cause you´re not alone
You´re just caught in the rain
But you heart will lead you today
Yeah you heart will find a way
Beautiful rainbows
Come after every storm
All you gotta believe is
You´re gonna find that one
You know right inside you
Lives the truth you must face
Oh yes your heart will lead you today
Yeah your heart will find the away

You gotta let love, let love
Take you so much higher
Let love, let love
Be your soul desire
You gotta let love, let love
Let love
Lead you, lead you today
Yeah your heart will find the way

Do you know there are angels living here on earth
We all have gift to truly change the world
Cause it start here with you yes you know what to do
Let your heart lead you today
Your heart will find a way

There are so many moments that are waiting for you
You just have to free what´s inside
There´s nothing to hard you got nothing to hide
You just got let go and let love into your life

5. Straight to you

4. ledna 2010 v 17:46 | dadushka |  texty piesní
I slip and I fall breakin´ down but try to get me back up again
I´d go out of my mind and out of my way to make it come to an end
I´d easily try a shot up my veins a drink for my head a lovin´ on the side to break away
But what´s the point when all it does is leave you empty and alone instead

I found the answers
To all the questions that always dragging me down
I feel the madness
Now I know what I gotta do I´m runnin´

Straight to you
I don´t wanna cry no more
This is why I´m runnin´
Straight to you
I could never be without you
I lose my way without you
Straight to you
Nothing in this world has ever felt the way you do
I´m sick of being bad it´s about to drive me mad
So I´m runnin´ straight to you

It´s time to believe what goes down instead of walkin´ round without a clue
It´s an out my head and in to my heath decision I will have to do
I´d easily try to fake and to lie, turn round and deny a tript to make me go out of my mind
But what´s the point when all the pain you cause will only make you die inside

4. Boys boys boys

4. ledna 2010 v 17:46 | dadushka |  texty piesní
Sunshines down
So come to town
Set your body free
Hold me tight
My love tonight
Tell me you believe

Everybody, summertime love
You'll remember me
Everybody, summertime love
Be my lover, be my baby

Boys, boys, boys
I'm looking for a good time
Boys, boys, boys
Get ready for my love
Boys, boys, boys
I'm looking for the good time
Boys, boys, boys
I'm ready for your love

Stay around
The sun goes down
Babe I'm feeling right
Take a chance
With love romance
Have some fun tonight

3. Warning

4. ledna 2010 v 17:45 | dadushka |  texty piesní
I tried to tell you
What they were up to
But you just me out
What´s all this fakin´
You got yourself in
Can tell it´s breaking ya down
You don´t need to
Give it away
What they say ain´t ok no
But I can see what´s happenin´
It´s messing with your head so

Don´t want them knowing your name
Then you should get out the game
I-if you know what I´m sayin´
It´s just a warning, warning
Nothing´s ever the same
It´s such a state of insane
I-if you know what I´m sayin´
It´s just a warning warning

You make decisions
But they don´t listen
It´s time to turn it around
You try to fight it
But sometimes ya like it
You know your underground

2. Compromise

4. ledna 2010 v 17:44 | dadushka |  texty piesní
Don´t want a little piece of you
In between what you do
I don´t want a waste of time
I know that I can get it right
Don´t wan
na walk away
But there´s nothing more to say
You got the best of me
I got the rest of you
I know I am gonna lose
There is only room for you
And the score will leave me bruised
Cuz you know

It´s everything or nothing
More than you are giving
I know what I´m waiting for
And I know I will never compromise
Everything that we had
It will never be the same
I know how it should be
And I couldn´t find it here
And I, and I, I don´t wanna compromise
And I, and I, I don´t wanna compromise

It is not enough for me
If it´s not what it could be
I need to know that you´ll be there
I need to know you care
Do you know how much I tried to stay by your side
I overruled my hearth
It tore my life apart
I would rather go without if this is what it´s all about
Cause I won´t be trading down
Cuz you know

1. Slip of the tongue

4. ledna 2010 v 17:43 | dadushka |  texty piesní
Everybody at the party´s down with a groove
I can see you checking out my every move
On the floor you want more
I´m intrigued what you seek to explore
It´s getting hot and heavy I can baby feel the blaze
My head is spinning as you´re reaching second base
Guess how far can you get stay right there
I´m out of breath need some air

Back at the scene
I was only gone a minute
This is just mean
Even I have got my limits
In front of my eyes
Dirty game you play
Now that I have got your number what you gonna say

O-o you said
You didn´t mean it
O-o I just can´t believe it
O-o you kissed another one
O-o yeah right
Slip of the tongue

Stop explaing I´m not waiting
You can talk to my hand
It was very entertaining
But we reach the end
Now get lost in the crowd
Save your breath we never met cut it out

3. 1. - Daniela

3. ledna 2010 v 17:37 | dadushka |  pre fanúšikov

Dnes má meniny Daniela, a prejem jej všetko najlepšie a aby sa jej splnili všetky jej želania.....

TWiiNS - rozvrh hodín 1

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